Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 2

Kennedy Space Center
July 22 we went to KSC. Dwight works for NASA so we had our own personal tour guide. I've always wanted to work for NASA so I was excited to see this place. All of us crowed into Peggy's Xterra. Jeremy and Quinton shared the way back.

There are three areas that we got to visit besides the main entrance. The first one we went to, we got to see the landing pad. There were three but two of them were not is services.
The second place we got to see an actual shuttle (never used), touch a moon rock, see an exhibit of different space suits and equipment, and watch a simulation of what its like to be in the count down room.The final place I though was the most interesting. We got to see the NASA employees actually working on the payload. There was one employee that dressed up in an alien mask and was playing with Quinton. It was real neat. We also got to walk through the space station. We got to see all the different NASA building but that payload building was the only one that we got to go in.
Space Station bathroom and sleeping quarters.

There was a building that we drove by that was huge. This building is where they assemble the shuttle. It is mostly one floor but there is a second floor for office space.
Once back at the main entrance, there is a kids play area and a simulation ride that is what it would be like to go up in the shuttle. We did get to see a couple of alligators while traveling between tour stops. Well, we saw the eyes.
Peggy had to leave before we did to go to play practice. When we got home, Jeremy and Dwight went to get some food for dinner. Jeremy got some fried gater. Gross, he said it was good. While they were gone, The babies were playing in Jonah's room. I was on the computer. I heard the babies laughing so hard and went to see what they were laughing at. Avery and Jonah were just playing on the air mattress together and thought it was so funny. They were laughing so hard it made me laugh too. It was good to see them getting along so good. Quinton joined in with them. Pretty good start to our trip.

Day one

We decided for Quinton's 5th birthday to take a trip to Florida to see my sister Peggy and her family. While there we thought we would surprise Quinton with a day at Disney World. Quinton has flown before but he was only 15months old and doesn't remember it. That was our trip to Japan. Someday we'll go back. But he'll remember this trip, at least most of it.
The morning of July 21, we woke up (well I did) at 4 to get ready. Misti drove us to the airport at 5:30. We flew out at 7. We had a layover in TX. it was only suppose to be an hour but ended up being 2 1/2 hours. There was a flight attendant that was late. It was about 6pm when we got into Orlando. Peggy was there to pick us up with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. (I guess the airport is one of the only places they sell them.) Both Quinton and Avery did well on the flight. I was more worried about Avery but she did great. She kept busy, like when she found a floor vent to throw Jeremy's Ipod Touch into as well as a bag of skittles. We didn't get either of them back.
We just hung out with Peggy and Dwight the rest of the night. Kinda recoop before the fun starts the next day. It was a long day for the kids. Quinton fell asleep when we got to Peggy's and didn't wake up even to eat.

Summer 2010

This summer went to fast. At least this year I was able to put Quinton in swim lessons for one session. I would have done a second session but work and vacation just wouldn't permit it. But Quinton had fun and wasn't scared at all. He even dove off the high diving board. I don't think he ment to but he did and it scarred him enough that he told me he's going to wait to go off it again until he is older. I was very impressed that he even did it at all.

We didn't go to often to the swimming pool but when we had time we filled up the little pool in the back yard to Quinton and Avery to play in. Avery wasn't scared of the water either. When I took Quinton to swim lessons, she would crawl to the edge of the pool. She loved it when I would let her put her feet in. She really enjoyed playing in the pool in the back yard with Quinton.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Avery's First Birthday

WOW, time has gone so fast. Avery is already one and very independent. She took her first steps a few days before she turned one but didn't really get the hang of it until a week or so after. Now she is off and there is no stopping her. So for her birthday, we invited family and a few friends up to a place called Granville fka Cherry Lodge. It was a beautiful day. The weather was wonderful up where we were. Cherry Lodge is about 20 min from Morenci and about 20 degrees cooler.
Nothing like a good frosting mask to make you look and feel younger.
She didn't like her hat to much.

Avery had fun opening her presents but so did everyone else. She had a great 1st birthday and everyone there had a good time too.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family Pictures

Just thought I would post the pictures we took this past week.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We were lucky to get Quinton into Preschool this year. He loves it. He has made a lot of friends but unfortuanatly he is still as wild as ever. But he likes it and it is good for him. One of the things his class did was learn about plants and they planted pinto beans. Well they put beans in between two wet paper towels. One of the beans sprouted. He was so proud of it that when we got home he wanted to plant them in soil and see if theycontinue to grow. The one that sprouted grew a little more but never got leaves so we planted more beans. We planted 5 beans and only one grew but it is still alive today.

His class even took pictures.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Funny Things Quinton Has Said

-This past Sunday, while Quinton was practicing for the primary program, he turned to his teacher and said "Let's talk about your boobs."
-Jeremy's mom is making my mom's wedding bouquet. I was getting ready to take the flowers over to her. I got the kids in the car and realized that I forgot the flowers. So I told Quinton "I'm going to run in and get the flowers for Grandma." Quinton asks "Did she die?" With a little laugh I answered "No". Quinton says "then why are we taking the flowers to her?"
-Quinton told me that Chips Ahoy is how you say Chocolate chip cookie in Spanish.
-Laughing like a Vampire is is one of his talents.