Monday, October 11, 2010

Day one

We decided for Quinton's 5th birthday to take a trip to Florida to see my sister Peggy and her family. While there we thought we would surprise Quinton with a day at Disney World. Quinton has flown before but he was only 15months old and doesn't remember it. That was our trip to Japan. Someday we'll go back. But he'll remember this trip, at least most of it.
The morning of July 21, we woke up (well I did) at 4 to get ready. Misti drove us to the airport at 5:30. We flew out at 7. We had a layover in TX. it was only suppose to be an hour but ended up being 2 1/2 hours. There was a flight attendant that was late. It was about 6pm when we got into Orlando. Peggy was there to pick us up with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. (I guess the airport is one of the only places they sell them.) Both Quinton and Avery did well on the flight. I was more worried about Avery but she did great. She kept busy, like when she found a floor vent to throw Jeremy's Ipod Touch into as well as a bag of skittles. We didn't get either of them back.
We just hung out with Peggy and Dwight the rest of the night. Kinda recoop before the fun starts the next day. It was a long day for the kids. Quinton fell asleep when we got to Peggy's and didn't wake up even to eat.

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