Monday, May 11, 2009

What a smart boy

I called into Quinton to see what he was doing and guess what he said?? Writing his name. So I walked in the room to make sure he wasn't using a permanent marker again. Not this time. He was using Jenga blocks. I helped him change the direction of a few letters but he did wrote it out himself. He usually writes his "Q" upside-down.

Jeremy's Graduation

Here's my Graduate. I'm soooo proud of him. He finished his school and did pretty good. He would have graduated with honor if it wasn't for a few classes he signed up for 15 years ago and never went. Who new that those grades would be added into these grades. But that over and he is done. Here's Jeremy with a few of his class mates. Jeremy made a lot of friends at school that helped him pass his classes.

May 8, 2009es.