Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We were lucky to get Quinton into Preschool this year. He loves it. He has made a lot of friends but unfortuanatly he is still as wild as ever. But he likes it and it is good for him. One of the things his class did was learn about plants and they planted pinto beans. Well they put beans in between two wet paper towels. One of the beans sprouted. He was so proud of it that when we got home he wanted to plant them in soil and see if theycontinue to grow. The one that sprouted grew a little more but never got leaves so we planted more beans. We planted 5 beans and only one grew but it is still alive today.

His class even took pictures.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Funny Things Quinton Has Said

-This past Sunday, while Quinton was practicing for the primary program, he turned to his teacher and said "Let's talk about your boobs."
-Jeremy's mom is making my mom's wedding bouquet. I was getting ready to take the flowers over to her. I got the kids in the car and realized that I forgot the flowers. So I told Quinton "I'm going to run in and get the flowers for Grandma." Quinton asks "Did she die?" With a little laugh I answered "No". Quinton says "then why are we taking the flowers to her?"
-Quinton told me that Chips Ahoy is how you say Chocolate chip cookie in Spanish.
-Laughing like a Vampire is is one of his talents.