Monday, October 12, 2009

Funny Things Quinton Has Said

-This past Sunday, while Quinton was practicing for the primary program, he turned to his teacher and said "Let's talk about your boobs."
-Jeremy's mom is making my mom's wedding bouquet. I was getting ready to take the flowers over to her. I got the kids in the car and realized that I forgot the flowers. So I told Quinton "I'm going to run in and get the flowers for Grandma." Quinton asks "Did she die?" With a little laugh I answered "No". Quinton says "then why are we taking the flowers to her?"
-Quinton told me that Chips Ahoy is how you say Chocolate chip cookie in Spanish.
-Laughing like a Vampire is is one of his talents.

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Camille said...

lol too cute. I love kids. Quinton seems like a crack up!