Monday, October 11, 2010

Summer 2010

This summer went to fast. At least this year I was able to put Quinton in swim lessons for one session. I would have done a second session but work and vacation just wouldn't permit it. But Quinton had fun and wasn't scared at all. He even dove off the high diving board. I don't think he ment to but he did and it scarred him enough that he told me he's going to wait to go off it again until he is older. I was very impressed that he even did it at all.

We didn't go to often to the swimming pool but when we had time we filled up the little pool in the back yard to Quinton and Avery to play in. Avery wasn't scared of the water either. When I took Quinton to swim lessons, she would crawl to the edge of the pool. She loved it when I would let her put her feet in. She really enjoyed playing in the pool in the back yard with Quinton.

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